Sunday, October 25, 2020

Swiss Micros DM41X: Custom Menus

 Swiss Micros DM41X: Custom Menus

Customize It

With the new Swiss Micros DM41X, custom menus comes to the HP 41C engine.   The custom menu can hold up to 16 commands or user program shortcuts.   Best yet, the customized menu can be saved and transferred among fellow DM 41X users.   The custom menu is very easy to use and set up.

To access the custom menu, just press the [ CST ] key.   To use one of the commands, just press the corresponding key related to the assigned letter, no prior alpha key is required.  For example, to access the command in the A slot, press [ CST ] [ Σ+ ].  

The custom menu has six other commands that are always present:

1.  Help:  The DM41X's help facility which additional commands that come with the 41X, information about the ISG/DSE loops, date, time, and alarms, and additional topics like Angel's references.

2.  ROM Map:  A map where all the modules are loaded into the virtual ROM facility of the DM41X.

3.  Load a RAW file

4.  Save a RAW file

5.  USB Disk:  Put the DM41X in USB mode, allowing to transfer files between the calculator and the computer

6.  Flags:  A map listing the state of all the DM41X's flags.  0 means the flag is off, 1 means the flag is on.

To customize the custom menu, press [gold shift] [ CST ] (CONF).

Pick any of the slots A through P.  While in this mode, you can customize three additional key sequences:

[ gold shift ] [ blue alpha ]

[ gold shift ]  [ ↑ ] 

[ gold shift ]  [ ↓ ]

When prompted, just type the command, label, or program name.  Alpha mode has been turned on automatically.  Finish and accept by pressing the [ R/S ] key.   Pressing the [ ON ] cancels the customization.   The custom menu does not affect the programming memory.

One more thing, the name cannot have a space.   For example:  ARCL ST X is not allowed.   ARCL is.  

That's all there is to it.  Have fun,


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