Saturday, November 28, 2020

Review: Ativa 2-Line Calculator DD-2361

 Review:  Ativa 2-Line Calculator DD-2361

Just the Facts:

Model:  DD-2361 (I was stated in the manual)

Company: Ativa (Office Depot)

Type: Four Function

Battery:  Solar with backup battery LR1130

Logic: Algebraic

Memory Registers: None

Price:  $8.99

A Two Line Screen

The Ativa DD-2361 calculator has a two lines: the top line shows the entered expression.  Each calculation can have up to 79 characters.   The bottom line shows answers, which can have up to 12 characters.  

Functions include the percent function which, works like four function calculators.  


Top:  7 x 8 - 2 x 9

Bottom:  38

The order of operations are used.  

The keys on the keyboard are huge and responsive.  Expressions can be edited using left and right arrow keys.  Characters are replaced in editing.  


I like the big keys.  The DD-2361 does lack a few key features: square root, an independent memory register, and due to the calculator following the order of operations, parenthesis.  This is one of few two-line four-function calculators where you can buy it a store, and not just online.  


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