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Book Review: Calculus for Middle Schoolers by Serena Swegle

 Book Review: Calculus for Middle Schoolers by Serena Swegle

Just The Facts

Calculus for Middle Schoolers

Author:  Serena Swegle

Publisher:  Sunhut Publishing

Cost:  $26.50 for Paperback, $9.99 for Kindle (as of 10/23/2020)


Topics Covered

The number e (2.718281828...)

The common logarithm  (base 10)

The natural logarithm (base e)

Trig Functions (sine, cosine, tangent)



Derivative - the derivative of a polynomial

Integral - the integral of a polynomial

The Derivative and Integral of e^x

An Introduction to Calculus 

The target audience is middle school students.  However, book serves as a great introduction to calculus for high school and college students who are taking calculus for the first time.  The book gives a simple, concrete introduction to various subjects, in an easy-to-read narrative.  Calculus is a complex subject, and this book allows readers, who may be intimidated about the subject, to develop a understanding.   

I would recommend this book to be read prior to the student's first calculus class.   The book can be read in one or two days, but I feel it was meant to read as one chapter a time per day or week.   


Swegle's book is well written, in a concise language.  The chapter covers one concept at the time, which serves as a great introduction to a rich subject.   The examples are simple and apply closely to the text.   I wish Swegle put a summary of all the topics covered at the end of the book as a wrap up.  Otherwise, I recommend this book for educators and parents.   For those who have the Kindle app, $9.99 is a good price point.  Recommended.

Thank you, Serena for recommending this book for me to review.  


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