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Review: Swiss Micros DM41X

 Review: Swiss Micros DM41X

General Information

Company:  SwissMicros,

Type:  Programmable Scientific

Memory:  319 registers (at default) - calculator; 32 MB external flash

Battery:  CR 2032

Date:  September 2020 - current

Cost:  229 CHF, about $257.34 according to currency converter on December 12, 2020 (

Current Software Version:  2.1 (November 13, 2020)

Case Included?  Yes

The DM41X is a long waited calculator, and joins the DM 41L and DM41 family.  The family runs HP-41CX firmware, including a clock, time, and date functions.    On February 23, 2018, I reviewed the DM 41L which you can see here:

I am going to address the features that are specific to the DM41X, which is added to all the great features of the DM41 and DM41L.  

A Return to the Original Layout

The DM41X's keyboard is in a portrait design, like the original Hewlett Packard HP-41C family (HP-41C, HP-41CV, HP-41CX)

Instead of the row of ON, USER, PRGM, and ALPHA keys on the top row, the DM41X adds a column of keys to the right of the main keyboard:

ON/CLK:  ON/OFF button, the shifted CLK displays the current time

USR/SETUP:  The user keyboard.  SETUP shows the DM41X's system menu where stve states and RAW progams can be saved, USB communication can be activated, modules can be saved and loaded, system settings can be changed, and accessing the About screen.

Blue Key:  This is the ALPHA key

Backspace Key

Up Arrow: for program scrolling and debugging

Down Arrow: for program scrolling and debugging

PRG/SIZE:  The PRGM button.  The shifted function allows the user set the number of registers to be set for numerical constants.

R/S/VIEW:  Run/Stop Key, View prompts for a view of a register's value without affecting the stack.

The Big Screen

The DM41X has three screen settings that is set by the DSP key:

1.  All four stacks, T, Z, Y, and X are displayed.  This is my preferred display. 

2.  The X stack and the Alpha Register are displayed.  On the top of the screen:  alarms, the number of storage registers designated for numerical constants, free memory, the current program loaded and it's pointer location.  

3.  Two stacks, Y and X are displayed. On the top of the screen:  alarms, the number of storage registers designated for numerical constants, free memory, the current program loaded and it's pointer location.  


The DM41X's connectivity interface is in line with the DM42's connectivity interface.  Simply plug the DM41X with a USB-Micro B port, then on the calculator press [shift], [USR] (SETUP), 1 for File, 5 for Activate USB Disk.  The DM41X now acts as a USB storage device like a smart phone.  

You can take screenshots by pressing and holding [SHIFT] and [DSP].  Screen shots are saved as .bmp files under the disk's SCREEN folder.

Black and white images of 400 x 240 pixels, 1 bit depth, .bmp format, can be saved to the disk's OFFIMG folder.  Every picture in the folder will be shown on a rotated basis every time the calculator is turned off.  

Custom Menu

Pressing the CST key will give you access to a custom menu 16 available slots for commands and programs.  CST also gives access to Help, ROM Map, and USB Disk activation.  To learn about how to set up the custom menu, click here:


The DM41X operates like the HP-41CX in its programming language except the DM41X has a lot more room for ROM modules.


Like the DM41L, the DM41X is a winner.  The keys feel good, I love seeing all four stack levels on the screen, and I am fan of the custom menu built into the DM41X.  This is definitely worth a purchase.

If the price tag of DM41X is too high, consider the DM41 or DM41L.  They may not have a four line display or a custom menu, but the high-quality calculator software and firmware is still present.  Currently only the DM41L is in stock from Swiss Micros, at CHF 129.  

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This is the last post for 2020.  I want to wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.  2020 has been a brutal year in every respect.  May 2021 be free from disease, war, economic, social, and spiritual struggle; and be full of joy, health, and happiness.  Thank you to my blog's followers and readers; I appreciate all of you!  Take care, and the next schedule blog will be on January 2, 2021.  


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  1. Great review. Looks like a fantastic calculator.
    Happy Holidays, Eddie.

  2. Eddie, thanks for the review.
    Mary Christmas

  3. Both the DM42 and the DM41X look like great calculators. But it is hard to justify buying both! I love the wealth of modules for the 41, but also the menu driven approach of the 42.


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