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Calculos: Mathematics Calculation Game (Kickstarter)

Calculos:  Mathematics Calculation Game  (Kickstarter)

The Card Game

Xavier Wilain created the card game Calculos, which is based on quick, mental mathematics dealing with the four arithmetic operations:  addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  There is a mixed version that has all four arithmetic operations.  

Players start with a card and try to find a calculation that matches any of the calculations on the center card.  

For example, if the center card has:

2 × 5

3 × 6

5 × 5

4 × 4

If you have any of the calculations on your card, say 4 × 4, you shout "4 times 4 equals 16" and claim the card.  The object is for find a calculation faster than their opponents.   

Here is a video of the card game and how to play it:

The card game comes in four levels: each level has a different set of calculations on the card, from four to eight.   On the XW_SeriousGames website, each level can be purchased separately or altogether for each operation.

The Mobile App (Kickstarter)

Wilain is running a Kickstarter campaign to adapt the card game into a mobile app that contains all 20 levels (4 four levels for each arithmetic operation plus one for mixed) with plans to add levels in the future.  Wilain has goal to raise 33'000 CHF (Swiss Francs, which is $35,897.63 in US Dollars on 6/28/2021 - conversion provided by Morningstar).  If successful, the mobile app is set to begin development in October 2021.  The target fund date is July 27, 2021.  

Kickstarter page:

Please check this game out, it promises to be a great way to strength our mental calculation skills.  


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