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Review: Calculated Industries ElectricCalc Pro (Model 5070)

Review:  Calculated Industries ElectricCalc Pro (Model 5070)

Quick Facts

Model Number:  5070

Company:  Calculated Industries

Year of Production:  2014 - present

Operating System:  Chain

Batteries: 1 x CR 2016

Memory Register:  1 independent (M), memories M1 - M9

Upgradable Chip:  Base Model is set for 2014, chips are available for 2017 and 2020 (and I presume 2023 given how often NEC updates their code)

Cost:  Retail:  $99.95, but sells for anywhere from $59 to as high as $129.  Do your shopping carefully!  

Product Page:

Make Sure Your ElectricCalc Is Up to Code 

Bought new or in box, the calculator comes in a blue Armadillo Gear case.  Often, the ElectricCalc Pro comes with the latest chip (2020) already installed or in my case, my calculator had the 2017 chip installed and the 2020 chip in a separate package.   Installation is simple and you just need a Phillips screwdriver.  

Currently, the ElectricCalc handles code for the following years:








2017 (2017 or 2020 chip required)

2020 (2020 chip required)

Set your jurisdiction by pressing [ Set ] [ ÷ ].  The first preference is the NEC, which you can scroll by pressing [ + ] and [ - ].

Many calculations depend on the NEC code such as wire size, voltage drop, ground conductor wire size, and conduit sizes for wires.   Many of the calculations display the reference table.   Because of the stored values for the NEC codes, the ElectricPro already proves its value.  

Wire Insulation can be selected:

[ Set ] [ 7 ]:  75°C wire insulation (167°F)

[ Set ] [ 9 ]:  90°C wire insulation (194°F)

[ Set ] [ 6 ]:  60°C wire insulation (140°F)

We can work with copper and aluminum wires with the [ Set ] [ 4 ] toggle.   

Ohm's and Kirchhoff's Law

The ElectricCalc Pro has the following keys to work with Ohm's Law:

[ Set ] [ V ] ( R ):  Resistance in Ohms (Ω)

[ Set ] [ Volts ] (Vdc):  Voltage in Volts (V)

[ Set ] [ Amps ] (Idc):  Current in Amps (A)

Likewise, the keys work with Kirchhoff's Law:

[ VA ]:  Volt-Amps

[ Volts ]:  Voltage in Volts (V)

[ Amps ]:  Current in Amps (A)

1 Phase vs 3 Phase

Select 1 Phase mode by pressing [ Set ] [ 1 ].  For 3 Phase, press [ Set ] [ 3 ].   

What is great about the ElectricCalc Pro, the settings will be displayed at all times.  


The keyboard of the ElectricCalc Pro work well and the keys give good feedback.  Like the other Calculated Industries calculators, the calculators hold data specific to the industry.  

And like the Calculated Industries calculators, having the ElectricCalc Pro opens up a new world of knowledge.   I'm glad to have the calculators in my collection.  


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