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Plus42: The Solver SEQ Command

Plus42: The Solver SEQ Command

Solver SEQ Function

In the calculator app Plus42, we can evaluate a sequence of calculations to return a result.  The SEQ is also good for the FOR loop because it allows us to initialize several variables.


SEQ( expr1 : expr2 : expr3: ... : expr_n )

I think this is best illustrated by example.

Example 1

Calculate   f(x) = x * p ÷ t^2


p = 0.01 * a^2

a = 36 *t^2 - 280



The commands listed in the SEQ are:

1.  L(A:36×T^2-280):  Let A = 36 * T^2 - 280.  T is the input variable.  

2.  L(P:.01×G(A)^2)):  Let P = 0.01 * A^2;  the Get command (G) is used to keep A from the variable menu

The answer is stored in P.

Variables in calculation:  F, T, X

X = 2, T = 0.8, solve for F = 593.3698253

X = 0.3, T = 9, solve for F = 2.57253759

T = 11.1, F = 58.68, solve for X = 22.4853545434

Example 2

Calculate p = Π( n / 4, n = 1 to m)


SEQ2: P=FOR(SEQ(L(A:1):L(N:1)):G(N)<=IP(M):L(N:G(N)+1):L(A:G(A)×(G(N)÷4)))

The commands listed in the SEQ are:

1.  L(A:1):   Let A = 1

2.  L(N:1):  Let N = 1

In this example, SEQ is in a FOR command and is used to initialize variables.   

Variables in calculation: M, P

M = 3, solve for P = 0.09375

M = 6, solve for P = 0.17578125

M = 18, solve for P = 93166.79943

If you have not checked out the Plus42 app, please check it out.  The Plus42 is an HP-42S Simulator which builds up on the Free42.   However, the Plus42 adds the solver in a style of the HP 17B and 27S, graphing commands, and units.

Thomas Okken's Plus42 page:

Note:  Casio fx-991EX Week - September 5, 2022 to September 9, 2022 

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