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Casio fx-9750GIII: Spin the Wheel

Casio fx-9750GIII:   Spin the Wheel

Making the Wheel and String Commands

The wheel is comprised of a long string.  Each space has an equal amount of characters, in this case I picked 5.  To make the wheel "spin", I use the StrRotate.

StrRotate(Str n, s):

Str n:  n from 1 to 20

s:  number of spaces to rotate the string.  If s>0 the string rotates left.  If s<0, the string rotates right.   The characters wrap around.  


StrRotate(Str 1,4) returns "BOOKADAMTEST"

StrRotate(Str 1,-4) returns "ADAMTESTBOOK"

Other commands used:

StrLeft(Str n, s):   takes the left s characters of Str n

StrRight(Str n, s):  takes the right s characters of Str n

StrMid(Str n, p, m):  extracts the string starting at position n at m characters

The wheel used in this program:

BROKE  (it's bankrupt said in five characters)

$ 650

$ 550

$ 900

$ 800

$ 700

PRIZE  (prize space)


$ 600

$ 750

$ 500


5 characters per space is used.  

Casio fx-9750GIII Program:  SPIN

"2022-11-23 EWS"

"BROKE$ 650$ 550$ 900$ 800$ 700PRIZE$1000$ 600$ 750$ 500$5000"→Str 1

Lbl 1


For 1→I To N

StrRotate(Str 1,5)→Str 1

StrLeft(Str 1,5)→Str 2


Locate 10,3,"↓"

Locate 2,4,StrRight(Str 1,5)

Locate 8,4,Str 2

Locate 14,4,StrMid(Str 1,6,5)


1DispsMenu "SPIN AGAIN?","YES",1,"NO",0

Lbl 0


Locate 4,4,"THANK YOU"

↓ and $ are found in the CHAR menu.  

Have fun,


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