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TI-30 XIIS and Casio fx-115ES Plus 2nd Edition: The Percent Function

TI-30 XIIS and Casio fx-115ES Plus 2nd Edition:  The Percent Function

%:  Divide by 100

Unlike computer languages, where the % symbol usually means modulo division, the % divides the argument by 100 on calculators such as the TI-30 XIIS and Casio fx-115 ES Plus 2nd Edition.

Hence 50% returns 0.5

This may provide confusion when the following is typed:

100 + 50% 

which would returns 100.5 instead of the expected 150.   

Here is how to use the percent function to our advantage in common situations.

Adding and Subtracting Percent

x + p% and x - p%

1.  Enter x and store it in a variable, preferably A.   The variable A can be advantageous, especially the TI-30 XIIS.   Access the variable A on the TI-30 XIIS by pressing [MEMVAR] [ = ] with every few keystrokes.  

2.  Enter the following:

Add percent:  A+A×p%

Subtract percent:  A-A×p%

We can omit the multiplication sign on the TI-30 XIIS.  The multiplication sign is required on the fx-115ES Plus.


50 + 10%:   50 → A;  A+A*10%  returns 55

50 - 10%:  50 → A;  A-A*10% returns 45

Percent Change

Key strokes:  (new - old)/old%


Find the percent change from 425 to 480:

(480-425)/425%   returns 12.94117647

Financial Calculations

For the following calculations, let i=6% and n=4  (i being the periodic interest, n being number of payments).  We can see the percent function in action.

Future Value of a Present Value:  (1+i%)^n   

(1+6%)^4 returns 1.26247696

Future Annuity Value Factor:  ((1+i%)^n-1)/i%

((1+6%)^4-1)/6% returns 4.374616

Present Annuity Value Factor:  (1-(1+i%)^-n)/i%

(1-(1+6%)^-4)/6% returns 3.465105613

Hope this helps, so we can find additional calculations where this percent function can help with calculations with the TI 30 XIIS and Casio fx-115 ES Plus 2nd Edition.  


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