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Review: iMathPac App from Mobile Caltronics

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Review: iMathPac by Mobile Electronics

Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (can be zoomed)
Cost: Free
Link: Mobile Electronics Website
Location of Company: Central Florida

iMathPac is an app that features a scientific calculator and a graphing application. The features iMathPac have are:

* Trigonometry
* Angle Modes included are Degrees and Radians
* Factorial for any number, not just integers
* Permutations and Combinations
* Full complex number support (rectangular notation only)
* Graphing of functions, inequalities, and inverse functions.
* One touch conversion between fractions and decimal approximations

Below are some screen shots of this powerful and free calculator.


* The numeric keypad is in the layout of a phone, which is opposite of the key layout on most calculators.
* There is no shift key, which I believe is by the company's design.
* The e key enters the constant e = 2.17828182845905 (to 16 decimal places). To use the exponential function, just press the e key then the ^ key.
* If you press the 1/x, "^(-1)" will be attached to the end of expression.
* Complex number calculations include trigonometric (watch the angle mode), logarithmic, powers and roots, and exponential - which is really nice!
* There is no "EE" key, so you have to enter large exponents as such: nnnn*10^(xxx)
* The minus key, -, acts as both the negation key and subtraction. In calculators with algebraic systems, I prefer this to having separate keys for negation and subtraction.
* The gamma function can be calculated using the factorial: Γ(x) = (x-1)!
* The absolute value (abs) and floor function (||x||) are available in graph mode only. I do believe the graph mode operates in Radians mode only.
* Tap on the graph to find the value of all functions. Pinch to zoom (not perfect).

What I Love about this App
* Full complex number support - and yes I am a big fan of this
* The factorial function is not restricted to integers - I am also a big fan
* The screen looks sweet, well use of color
* The ability to graph inequalities and inverse functions
* Who can beat free? A lot of features for a free calculator.

What Could be Improved
* No memory, store, and recall. This could be helpful in complex calculations.
* There is no fixed decimal mode settings.
* You can copy expressions, but where to paste them?

iMathPac is a free, powerful calculator, with a lot of powerful features. It is a nice scientific calculator with great graphing capabilities. Definitely worth the download.

Rating: * * * * * (out of 5)

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  1. Good points on the calculator app. I know of It allows for multiple projects to be worked on. Give it a try.

  2. Good points on the calculator app. I know of It allows for multiple projects to be worked on. Give it a try.


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