Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Calculated Industries Calculator Collection

The company Calculated Industries ( manufactures specialized calculators.

Here is my small collection:

Machinist Calc Pro

I bought this calculator today at a pawn shop in Pomona. It came with the box, instructions, and the calculator in an Armadillo Gear case. I never seen a calculator being in such an industrial case before. This calculator is specialized in machinery calculations with a built in tables of drill points, drill sizes, and thread sizes. Trigonometric functions are featured (Adj, Opp, Hyp, Angle for right triangles and Sine, Cosine, Tangent for general trigonometry).

The manual is a good size book and as of today I have yet to go through it and do the examples.

Qualifier Plus IIx

This calculator specializes in real estate calculations, which include finding qualified amounts, time value of money, and PITI (principal, interest, taxes, & interest). I picked up this calculator at another pawn shop in Pomona, which is sadly no longer there.

The next three calculators deal with construction.

ProjectCalc Plus

I think I got all three of construction calculators from Home Depot throughout last year.

First is the simple calculator. The calculator had built in tables for concrete, carpet, and tile sizes (and more).

Material Estimator

To me, the Material Estimator is the big cousin of the ProjectCalc Plus. The Material Estimator has all the features plus an electric tape to keep track of calculations, a hard cover that stores the manual (which is really neat), and it is solar and battery powered.

Construction Master 5

The Construction Master takes a different specialty than the ProjectCalc and Material Estimator. The Construction Master focuses on stairs, roofs, risers, and walls. Like the Material Estimator, the Construction Master has an electric tape and the manual is stored in the calculator's case.

What is common for all the construction calculators and the Machinist Calc is that we can make calculations using yards-feet-inch, meters-centimeters-millimeters calculations and conversions. This is a super feature.

I really could use some more time learning the features of these calculators. So there is my collection.


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