Thursday, October 9, 2014

What I'm Doing- and HP35S Complex Number Extraction

Here is what I am working on:

* A program that simulate RPN keystroke programming for the HP Prime.  It is in its testing stage right now, but the idea is that the keystroke programming simulation will have two programs.  One is where the macro is created, you use the keyboard.  The result is list of strings that symbolizes commands, which can be saved.  The other program runs those macros.

*  I want to do a video on several calculator tricks for the basic, four function calculator for my YouTube channel.  In October 2012, I posted a five part series on basic calculator tricks.  The link to Part 1 is here:  

What is the timeline for these two?  I hope to have the first version of the macro program out by December 2014.  As far as the video is concerned, I have no definite date, but hopefully sooner rather than later.  

I will be going to the NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratories) Open House in Pasadena, California this Saturday.  I plan to be meeting several good friends there, including my friend from college, Jon Neal.  Here is some information on the Open House that will take place this weekend:

In the meantime, here are three utilities you may find useful for the HP35S:

Extract the real part of a complex number:
The complex number is on the X stack.
A001 LBL A
A003 ABS
A004 x<>y
A005 ARG
A006 COS
A007 x
A008 RTN

Extract the imaginary part of a complex number:
The complex number is on the X stack.
B001 LBL B
B003 ABS
B004 x<>y
B005 ARG
B006 SIN
B007 x
B008 RTN

Polar to Rectangular Conversion:
Calculate a+bi, given:
*  angle (argument) stored in X and,
*  modulus (absolute value) Y:
C001 LBL C
C002 RCL X
C003 COS
C004 RCLx Y
C005 RCL X
C006 SIN
C007 RCLx Y
C008 i
C009 x
C010 +
C011 RTN

Talk to you soon!


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