Saturday, May 16, 2015

TI-84 Plus Wish List

TI-84 Plus Wish List

TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition in action

While awaiting the delivery of the next generation TI-84 Plus (TI-84 Plus CE), it has been a while since TI has upgraded the operating software of the TI-84 family, both the monochrome and color editions.  Hopefully, Texas Instruments has an update of the operator software in the near future. 

Here is my wish list, should Texas Instruments decide to update the software for the TI-84 family:

Applies to both the Monochrome and Color TI-84s:

* Eigenvalues and eigenvector functions for matrices, even if these functions have an upper limit on what the matrix size can be (6 x 6, 10 x 10, etc.).

* Expand complex number support to include trigonometric functions.  The TI-84 already supports complex number arguments for the logarithm, exponential, square root, and power functions.

* A quick polynomial solver function.  The TI-85 and TI-86 had a poly function where you can enter a list that represents the polynomial’s coefficients.  For example, poly {3,2,-5} returned {1, -1.666666667}.  This would be a super command for programming applications.

* Vectors.  Many advanced math classes, starting in pre-calculus, teach vectors and their operations.  Functions can include, at the minimum, dot product, cross product, and the norm. These functions can be added to the Matrix menu. 

* Expand the days between dates (dbd function from the Finance App) to include four-digit years.  With the current setup, the dbd function restricts dates from 1950 to 2049.

* Allow lower case text. 

* Add the string commands (sub, Equ>String, String>Equ) to the PRGM I/O menu. 

* Allow the factorial function (!) to include non-positive integers.

For the Color TI-84s:

* Add a RGB (red, green, blue) function.  This would allow users to use all the colors that the TI-84 instead of merely just 15.  The RGB function could be tacked on to the Vars, Color menu as the last option after the built-in 15 colors.

* Allow the Output command to show text in color.  The color can be an optional fourth argument which either takes the name of one of the 15 preset colors, it’s color value, or color determined by the RGB function.

If you are reading this Texas Instruments, please consider these suggestions and thank you for your time.  By the way, the TI Connect CE software is excellent; I love the interface and ease of connectivity. 

Readers and commentators:  if you see something that you would like to add or feel like I have missed something, please leave a comment or two.    

A Musical Bonus

While out in Los Angeles, I came across this mini piano calculator at The Green Bean in the Eagle Rock community.  It is basic, solar, and fun to look at.  I only wish the keys were not so rubbery.  Oh well, it is fun to look at and play with.  Here is a picture: 

Mini Piano Calculator

Thank you to all my readers, followers, and commentators.  It is always appreciated! 


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