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HP Prime Spreadsheet App Tutorial 4: Naming Columns and Using them Outside of Num View

HP Prime Spreadsheet App Tutorial 4:  Naming Columns and Using them Outside of Num View

Lesson 4 Objectives:

*  Name Columns
*  Use Columns in formulas
*  Use Named Columns outside the Spreadsheet

Note:  I had the calculator set to Fix 3 as the number format. 


1.    Start with a clear spreadsheet.  To recall, to reset the spreadsheet, press [ Shift ], [ Esc ] (Clear) and confirm at the prompt.
2.    Type 10, 20, 30 and 40 in cells A1, A2, A3, and A4, respectively.
3.    Select the header cell of column A, which is above the cell A1. 
4.    Name a Column:  type COL1.  To give the column that name, touch the soft key ( Name ).  You won’t need quotes to name columns. 
5.    Let’s name Column B.   Select the header cell for column B.  Type COL2 and touch the soft key ( Name ).
6.    Enter a Formula Spanning Multiple Cells:  In column B, let’s double all the values in column A.   Start at cell B1, and select cells B1 through B4 by use the ( Select ) soft key.  Enter =A1*2.  Note how the formula fills down to B4 and uses the appropriate cell. 
7.    Recalling Columns Outside of the Spreadsheet:  Press the [ Home ] key and recall COL1 and COL2.  You can do this by typing the names or recalling them from the Vars-Spreadsheet-Cells menu.

Caution:  Only columns, rows, and individual cells can be named.  Matrix-like ranges, such as A1:B2 cannot be named.

In Lesson 5, we’re taking a spreadsheet column to the Statistics 1Var app.   See you next time,


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