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HP Prime Spreadsheet App Tutorial 5: Spreadsheets and Histograms

HP Prime Spreadsheet App Tutorial 5:  Spreadsheets and Histograms

Lesson 5 Objectives:

* Generate a random list of integers for a column
* Store a Spreadsheet column to a Statistics Variable
* Use a Spreadsheet column in a histogram

Generate a random list of integers:

RANDINT(length of list, lower limit, upper limit).  The result is a list.


1.     Start by selecting the header cell for Column A.  Press [ Toolbox ], 5 for Probability, 4 for Random, 2 for Integer to call the RANDINT function.   A list a generated, so no equals sign is needed.  Enter 100 for the length of list, 0 for the lower limit, and 100 for the upper limit.  The result is RANDINT(100,0,100).  Press the soft key ( OK ).
2.    Name Column A DATA.   Go to the header cell, enter DATA, and press on the soft key ( Name ).
3.    Press the [ Home ] button.  Select the D1 variable from the Statistics 1Var app by pressing [ Vars ], the ( App ) soft key, then Statistics 1Var, then Numeric, and D1. 
4.    Continue by entering DATA.   (colon, equals, DATA).   The complete command should be Statistics_1Var.D1DATA.
5.    On to the Histogram:  Press the [ Apps ] and choose the Statistics 1Var app.   You’ll be taken to the Num view and D1 should be filled in.
6.    Press the [ Symb ] key for the Symbolic view.   Enter D1 for H1 and select Histogram. 
7.    Press [ Shift ], [ Plot ] (Plot Setup).   Change the H Width to 10. 
8.    Press [ View ] and select Autoscale.    This Histogram is complete.

This concludes Lesson 5.  I plan to post additional lessons in the near future.   


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