Saturday, June 18, 2016

HP 50G vs. HP Prime

HP 50G vs. HP Prime

Jason Foose has challenged me determine which of the two calculators, the HP 50g or the HP Prime is the best.  To help me, I will determine which of the features one calculator has over the other.  Here we go:

HP 50g over the HP Prime
HP Prime over the HP 50g
RPN mode is complete, can do everything with ease

Can use SD cards as a source of outside storage options

App specific commands don’t need an “app.” Suffix

3D Graphing without the need to download anything extra

Easier transition from the HP 48S/HP 48G/HP 49g+ family

No need to have separate modes for Home and CAS

Keyboard:  good contrast between the keyboard (black) and its labels (white, yellow, orange) (black HP 50g). 

Can make noise/music with the BEEP command. (tone in HZ, seconds, BEEP)

No need to enter a separate program mode, just need the ≪ ≫ brackets

You can plot more than 10 separate functions f(x) on a single graph (never done it myself)

Built in Equation Library without need to download anything extra

Screen is in color – easier to differentiate graphs and geometric models

Advanced Graphing App (implicit graphing) without the need to download anything extra

Memory: Over 32MB RAM

In addition to the Gamma and Psi functions: Beta, Zeta, Error (erf), Error Compliment (erfc), Ei, Ci, Si

Online help is for every command, not just for the CAS commands on the 50g

Better integrated Equation writer, more intuitive to move around the equation

Faster Processor:  400 MHz opposed to 75 MHz (both have ARM 9 chips)

Literally draw a function and the Prime (usually) figures an appropriate equation (Ver. 10077)

Software for transferring programs and screen shots for the Prime is better integrated than the 50G

Rechargeable Battery

Easy way to write comments inside of a program (//)

More Curve fitting options: Polynomial, Trigonometric
Total Pros: 11
Total Pros: 12

At the end of the day, the HP Prime and HP 50g are both great calculators.  Please let me know if I forgot something. 


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