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Review: Casio fx-260 Solar II (fx-82 Solar II)

Review:  Casio fx-260 Solar II (fx-82 Solar II)

 Company:  Casio
Year:  2017
Type:  Scientific
Power:  Solar
Statistics: 1 Variable
Operating System:  AOS (classic)
Cost:  $8.99

So New?

Ironically, I was not able to find the fx-260 Solar II online, but saw it on a very rare trip to WalMart.  The Casio fx-260 Solar II calculator is so new that still isn’t featured on the Casio’s website (as of 3/27/2017). 

As a note:  The fx-260 is the name for the version sold in the United States.  Internationally, the calculator is known as the fx-82 Solar II, and Casio does have that calculator on its website:

An Update of a Classic
fx-260 Solar original on the left, fx-260 Solar II on the right  (named fx-82 Solar (II) internationally)

The fx-260 Solar II is an update of the very classic (and still selling) Casio fx-260 Solar (outside the United States, it’s the fx-82 Solar).  Functionally, the fx-260 Solar II is the same as the classic fx-260.  As a reminder:

* Trigonometric functions
* Angle conversions: polar, rectangular, to degrees (Shift Mode 4), to radians (Shift Mode 5), and to grads (Shift Mode 6)
* Random numbers
* Logarithms and exponents
* 1 Variable Statistics
* Fractions (up to a maximum of 10 digits between the whole, numerator, and denominator parts)
* DMS/Decimal math and conversions

Pretty handy for a basic scientific calculator.  The fx-260 Solar II, like its predecessor runs entirely on solar and light power, hence a completely green calculator.  50 lux is required.

There is a NF version which was stated on the quick manual that came with the fx-260 Solar II.  The NF stands for “no fraction” and the diagram shows the fraction button [ a b/c ] button disabled.

The percent key still works the same as the predecessor.  The keystrokes:

Find N% of W:   W [ * ] N [Shift] [ = ] (%)

W is N% of the whole:   W [ ÷ ] N [Shift] [ = ] (%)

Markup/Tax:   W [ * ] N [Shift] [ = ] (%) [ + ]

Discount:  W [ * ] N [Shift] [ = ] (%) [ - ]

The differences between the fx-260 Solar II are:

The back of the fx-260 Solar II

1.  The processor is faster, most noticeable when try to calculator n! when  50 < n < 69.  In reality, it can be seen as negligible since the predecessor is no slow poke. 
2.  The fx-260 Solar II is has a more compact design than the original fx-260 Solar.  The fx-260 Solar II is close to a size of an iPod Touch/iPhone.  Per the manual, the dimensions of the fx-260 Solar II are 3/8” height, 2 3/4” width, and 4 3/4” depth. 
3.  The one difference I’m not a fan of is how the mode reminders are moved to the back of the calculator.  Furthermore, the reminders are white text on a white background.  It is only because of the etching that the reminders could be readable. 

Easter egg: I think this is the first time Casio dated their manual (2017). 

Final Verdict

If you are fan of small calculators, solar calculators, Casio, basic level scientific calculators, or just want something nice to add to your collection, then the fx-260 Solar II (and the original fx-260 Solar) is a nice pick up for not much money.


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