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Review: SpecExp Calculator App (Android)

Review:  SpecExp Calculator App (Android)

Welcome to my blog post 1,001!   (happy dance)

Quick Facts

Author:  Scientific Software Team
Type:  Scientific and Function Graphing
Input:  Textbook
Platform:  Android
Current Version:  4.0.4
Price:  Free version (has ads),  $19.99 (no ads)


To the SpecExp Calculator website:

To the Paid Version:

I recommend the paid version, I'm not a fan of the ads.


*  Textbook input of mathematical expressions
*  Matrices and vectors
*  Fractions
*  Base conversions
*  Function Graphing

The File System

Calculations and graphs are stored in files.  To start a new calculation, press the round plus button ( + ) on the bottom right hand of the screen.  You will be prompted to select CALCULATE or GRAPH.

Entering Mathematical Calculations

Each mathematical calculations are stored in separate files.  The calculations can be simple or complex as you want.  You can pinch zoom to adjust the font on the calcuation.  Multiplication is symbolized by a middle dot.

Functions are located on top of the soft keypad, and is a scrollable menu:

π i :   Π (inserts π), e, i (√-1 for complex numbers), ° (degrees), ' (minutes/seconds), % (to divide the number by 100)

sin sec:  sin, cos, tan, ctan (cot), csc, asin, acos, atan, actan (acot), sec

The angle measure defaults to radians, but you can use the degree symbol to indicate any angle in degrees ( ° ).

ln sh:  sh (sinh), ch (cosh), th (tanh), cth (coth), ln, lg (log), Log_ (log to any base)

√ | | :  √, | | (absolute value), arg (argument or angle), _√ (universal root), sign

det rang:  det (determinant),  rang (rank)*,  ransp (transpose, the menu shows the key as ransp, but the function is transp)

* I wasn't sure about the rang function.  I emailed the author and he stated it was the rank function.

( ) [ ] { }:
*  Use the parenthesis in expressions and to signify vectors.  Separate arguments by the colon ( ; )
*  The square brackets are used in expressions with sum (Σ), product (Π), and limit
*  The menu has both LCM and GCD

A  C:   A (permutations),  C (combinations), ! (factorials, positive integers from 0 to 170)

| |:  Matrix template and builder

lim ∫:  limits (two sided and one sided), sums, products, integrals, you can use ∞

ABC_ : used for base conversions (A = 10, B = 11, C = 12, D = 13, E = 14, F = 15), ABC_ puts a subscript

Use two subscripts to convert bases.  For example, converting 11101 from binary to octal:  11101_2_8, result 35_8

Viewing Answers

To calculate the result, press the equals key ( = ).  The result will be displayed on a separate page.  There are four options:

* Improper fraction (when available)
* Decimal
* Mixed Fraction
* Degrees (the result is assumed to be radians unless marked by °, shown in degrees-minutes-seconds format)

Graphing Functions

Graphing pages are represented by two arrows are right angles (going right and up).  You can graph multiple functions.  The function's colors are automatic (blue for the first, red for the second, etc).  The graphs are displayed  and can be pinch zoomed.


I like how the screen is used to write and display expressions.  This is a very promising app.

There are few things I would like to see in future updates:  numerical derivatives, graphing analysis (intersections, roots, tracing, areas, slopes, etc).

The $19.99 price tag may be high for some, so if are not sure, you can try the free version first (of course you get ads).


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