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HP Prime and TI 84 Plus CE: Jacobi Elliptic Functions

HP Prime and TI 84 Plus CE:  Jacobi Elliptic Functions


Jacobian Elliptic Functions are a set of twelve functions denoted by XY(U, K) where X and Y stands of letters c, s, n, and d.  Today's blog post will focus on three of the common Jacobi Elliptic Functions:

Sine Amplitude:  sn(u,k)
Cosine Amplitude:  cn(u,k)
Delta Amplitude:  dn(u,k)

Where u is a real number and k is a parameter between -1 and 1 inclusive

To determine any of the Jacobian Elliptic Functions, the integral has to be solved for X:

U = ∫( 1/√(1 - K^2 * sin^2(T)) dT from T = 0 to T = X)

Solving for X will represent the function am(U,K).

sn(U,K) = sin(X)
cn(U,K) = cos(X)
dn(U,K) = √(1 - K^2 * sin^2(X))

Radian angles are used. 

HP Prime App:  Jacobi Elliptic Functions

Download here:

In a different approach, I have created a custom app, which is based on the Solver App named Jacobi Elliptic Functions, which you can download on the link above.

Symb View:  The four equations that are used for this app.  Leave all four checked.

Num View:  This is where you enter U and K.  Leave these boxes unchecked.  Press or touch (Solve) to get the other values am (X), sn (S), cn (C), and dn (D). 

If you want to program ths app yourself, please see the screen shots above. 

TI-84 Plus CE Program:  ELLIPFX

Download here:

"EWS 2020-01-22"
Disp "JACOBIAN ELLIPTIC","­1≤K and K≤1"
Prompt U,K
Repeat abs(N/F)≤1E­10
Disp "U="+toString(U)
Disp "K="+toString(K)
Disp "AM="+toString(X)
Disp "SN="+toString(S)
Disp "CN="+toString(C)
Disp "DN="+toString(D)


Example 1:
U = 3
K = 0.5

AM(U,K) = 2.772166899
SN(U,K) = 0.3610799872
CN(U,K) = -0.932534848
DN(U,K) = 0.9835676442

Example 2:
U = 1.5
K = 0

AM(U,K) = 1.5
SN(U,K) = 0.9974949866
CN(U,K) = 0.0707372017
DN(U,K) = 1


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