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Review: Calculated Industries Tradesman Calc

Review: Calculated Industries Tradesman Calc

Quick Facts:

Model:  Tradesman Calc, Model Number 4400
Company:  Calculated Industries
Type:  Scientific, Construction
Years:  Introduced 2012
Display:  8 digits
Batteries:  Battery, 1 CR2016
Retail Price:  $44.99, you can pay lower on internet searches.  I paid $29.95 from WalMart.
Memory Registers: 10, Registers 1 through 9, M 


*  Units and unit conversions
*  Right Triangle Calculations
*  Ratio Calculations
*  Trigonometry
*  Geometry Calculations

Other mathematical functions:  reciprocal, powers, roots, degrees/degrees-minutes-seconds, parenthesis

The calculator operates in one of two modes:  Order and Chain

Order uses order of operations while chain completes calculations as keys are pressed (like a four-function calculator).  Order of operations is the default setting. 

Fraction settings allow you to set the largest denominator, up to 64. 

Unit and Unit Conversions

In keeping with the other construction calculators, the Tradesman Calc offers units and unit conversions.  Notice that the shift key is labeled Conv for this purpose.  You can easily add, subtract, multiply, and divide measurements.  For example to add 4 feet 5 inches with 6 feet 7 1/2 inches, press:

4 [ Feet ] 5 [ Inch ]   (Display:  4 - 5   FEET INCH)
[ + ] 6 [ Feet ] 7 [ Inch ] 1 [ / ] 2
[ = ]

Display:  11 - 0 1/2  FEET INCH  (11 feet, 1/2 inch)

You can convert the answer to decimal feet like this:

[ Conv ] [ Feet ]

Display:  11.041667  FEET

To convert to Inches: 

[ Conv ] [ Inch ]

Display:  132.5  INCH

To meters:

[ Conv ] [ m ]

Display:  3.3655 M

Units also include temperature (°F, °C), weight and mass (lbs, dry oz, tns, kg, grams, metric tons, wt/vol), and length (yds, feet, inch, m, cm, mm Bd Ft). 

Right Triangle Calculations 

The [ Adj ] (adjacent side), [ Opp ] (opposite side), [ Hyp ] (hypotenuse), and [Angle] (angle and adjacent angle) keys are used to solve right triangle problems.  Any two of the variables can be known to solve for everything else.  For example:

Known:  Adjacent (run):  15 feet,  Opposite (rise):  13 feet 8 inches

[Conv] [ × ] (Clear All)  (as recommended by Calculated Industries)
15 [ Feet ] [ Adj ]
13 [ Feet ] 8 [ Inch ] [ Opp ]

[Hyp] 20.292308 feet
[Angle] 42.336999°
[Angle] 47.663001° (adjacent angle)

Ratio Calculations

Use the X, Y, and X:Y commands to store and calculate ratios.  Example:

For the ratio 5/8 find X when X/18.

5 [Conv] [ Adj ] (X)   (stores 5 in X)
8 [Conv] [ Opp ] (Y)   (stores 8 in Y)
[Conv] [ Hyp ] (X:Y)   Result:  1 = 1.6

18 [Conv] [ Opp ] (Y)  (stores 18 in Y)
[Conv] [ Adj ] (X)    Result:  X = 11.25


The Tradesman Calc has the trigonometric functions sine, cosine, and tangent, with inverse.  All angles are measured in degrees.


Geometric calculations includes circles, arcs, and regular polygons (including inside and outside diameter). 


The keyboard is a pleasure to use.  Aside it being blue (blue is my favorite color), the keys have a pleasant touch and register perfectly.  The display is clear with prompts.  The Tradesman Calc comes with a hard case cover.  On the back of the calculator, there is a slot for a battery and another for user guide. 


For a trade industries, I recommend this calculator.  The calculator has a convenient solvers for common geometry shapes along with unit mathematics. If you are going to purchase the Tradesman Calc, I recommend so shopping for less than retail price. 


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