Sunday, March 22, 2020

OT: Race to the Finish Line Board Game

OT:   Race to the Finish Line Board Game 

What Is Needed

Your printer - preferably a color printer


Markers:  the file contains four markers you can cut out (gray box), but any sort of small marker will do

A single die (use one of the dice from a pair of dice).  Alternates: playing cards of Ace through Six (Ace counts as one), six index cards labeled one through six (shuffle each time), or a calculator that can generate random integers 1-6


The object is simple:  get your marker to the finish line.  This game for at least 2 players.  You can determine the order which turns are taken. 

There are several spaces:

Green:  Lucky Space, Roll Again!  The player who lands on this space takes another turn. 

Red:  Stop!, Lose a Turn:  The player that lands here has his/her next turn skipped.

Blue:  Chance?  Draw one of the blue chance cards (see the bottom on the file).  You can add or transfer the chance cards to index cards, customize it any way you want. For young children, play without the chance cards if you want. 

I hope this game provides some entertainment in these tough times (and beyond).  Feel free to comment some creative ideas. 

You can download the jpeg and pdf files here (zip drive):

(P.S. There is no cost)

Take care, stay sane, stay healthy, and love,


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