Saturday, March 14, 2020

TI-36X Pro: Using f(x) in Calculus

TI-36X Pro: Using f(x) in Calculus

The TI-36X Pro Calculator has a table function where you can store a function in the form f(x) and use it for build a short table.  But did you know the function can be used in outside calculations like calculating the derivative and the integral?

It's fairly easy to do. 

1.  Press the [ table ] key and select 2: Edit Function
2.  Enter f(x).  Use the variables key [ x ytzabcd ] to enter x. 
3.  Press [ enter ], [ 2nd ] [ mode ] (quit)

To recall f(x):

1.  Press the [ table ] key and select 1: 1(. 
2.  The function call f( is inserted.   You can use this to make calculations on the home screen.

Below are screen shots of an example, with f(x) set as 3x^2 + 3.


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