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Casio fx-CG50: Integer Digit Operations

Casio fx-CG50: Integer Digit Operations

Sum of the Digits and Digital Sum with Memory

The sum of the digits is pretty much a straight forward calculation, separate all the digits and add them up.  Example:

N = 18,283

Sum of the digits: S = 1 + 8 + 2 + 8 + 3 = 22

Ernesto Estrada, author of the article "Integer-Digit Functions: An Example of Math-Art Integration" (see the Source Section below), introduces the sum of the digits with memory, which is defined as:

F = N × S 

Going with our example, N = 18,283.  With S = 22,

F = 18,283 × 22 = 402,226

The program INTDGT, programmed on the Casio fx-CG50, calculates the sum of a digits of a positive integer and the digital sum of the memory.


N = input

S = sum of the digits

F = digital sum with memory

List 1 = list where each element is a digit of N

Casio fx-CG50 Program:  INTDGT

"2021-09-21 EWS"

"N>0, INTEGER "? → N

N → A

Int log N → L

Seq(0,x,0,L,1) → List 1

For 1 → K To L+1

Int (A÷10^L) → List 1[K]

A-List 1[K]×10^L → A

L-1 → L


Sum List 1→ S

S×N → F


S ◢


F ◢

"DIGITS IN List 1"

List 1

Sum of Digits as Functions Applied to Each Digit

The program FNDGT calculates the sum of each digit and returns a list in a four element list:

{ Σ (n_k),  Σ (n_k)^2,  Σ sin(n_k), Σ cos(n_k) }

Radians angle mode is used.  The results are stored in List 2.

Casio fx-CG50 Program:  FNDGT

"2021-09-21 EWS"


"N>0, INTEGER"? → N

N → A

Int log N → L

{0,0,0,0} → List 2

For L → K To 0 Step -1

Int (A÷10^K) → M

List 2[1] + M → List 2[1]

List 2[2] + M^2 → List 2[2]

List 2[3] + sin M → List 2[3]

List 2[4] + cos M → List 2[4]

A - M×10^K → A


"K, K^2, sin K, cos K" ◢

List 2


N = 93,259


{ 28, 200, 0.9157301307, -2.944737671 }

Integers and Art

I encourage everyone to read the article listed in the source section below.   Ernesto Estrada demonstrates how to turn the sum of a digits and applying functions to the digits into beautiful art:   grass, fish, asteroids, butterflies, and other beautiful patterns.  If you have the chance, get this article while it is Open Access!  


Estrada, Ernesto  "Integer-Digit Functions:  An Example of Math-Art Integration"  The Authors, Volume 40, Number 1, 2018.

Retrieved September 15, 2021.   Open Access*

*as of 9/15/2021 

In a few days the 2021 calendar will just be one page.


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