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TI-92 Plus: Solving Problems Step by Step

 TI-92 Plus:  Solving Problems Step by Step

This program should work with the TI-89 family (TI-89, TI-89 Titanium, Voyage 200).  

Some CAS Tricks Used

With the help of the TI-89/92 Plus manual and adding restrictions with the with ( | ) command:

ln(x^y) | x>0 and y>0 returns x

expand(ln(x∙y)) | x>0 and y>0 returns ln(x)+ln(y)

sin^-1(sin(x)) | x≥-π/2 and x≤π/2 returns x

tan^-1(tan(x)) | x≥-π/2 and x≤π/2 returns

(mod(2∙x-π,2∙π)/2) - π/2

√(x^2) | x≥0 returns x

Also, the part command can be used to pick out parts of an equation or expression.  Using left and right can extract sides of an equation.


left(2∙x+5 = 3∙y) returns 2∙x+5

right(2∙x+5 = 3∙y) returns 3∙y

TI-92 Plus Program: steps

The equations offered in this program are:

a∙x+c = b

a∙x+b = c∙x+d

a∙x^2 + c = b

y = a∙b^x

√(a∙x+c) = b∙x+d

x^2+(2∙a)∙x = b

1/x+1/a = 1/b

sin(a∙x)∙cos(a∙x) = b

Click on the picture below for the code:

Or you can download the file (.9xf) here:

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