Sunday, November 28, 2021

HP Prime: Graphs of Permutation and Combination

HP Prime:  Graphs of Permutation and Combination



perm(n, x) = n! ÷ (n - x)!


comb(n, x) = n! ÷ (x! × (n - x)!)

Combination with Repeated Choices allowed:

comb(n + x - 1, x) = (n + x - 1)! ÷ (x! × (n - 1)!)

For the following graphs, I use screen shots with the HP Prime Virtual Calculator.

Discrete Graphs  

Let n and x be positive integers.

Continuous Graphs

N is still a positive integer while x is a positive real number.   The factorial can be represent as the Gamma function as  x! = Γ(x+1).  


The variables  x and y take real values.


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