Monday, September 19, 2022

HHC 2022 Conference Videos

HHC 2022 Conference Videos

Coming to you from Nashville, Tennessee!

"We're Not Dead Yet"

And if it is any indication, HHC is doing alive and well.

I had the pleasure of attending HHC 2022 in Nashville a week ago.   Most of the talks from HHC 2022 have now been loaded on to's YouTube channel:


*  The ill-fated Texas Instruments TI-88 that was never released in to the public.  How did it fail and what caused Texas Instruments to call off the project after five years?  

*  Updates on the new software for Telsa's automobiles for the Elon Musk fan base. 

*  The HP 10 referred to in Jim Johnson's talk is not the HP 10B or HP 10C, it is the 1978 HP 10 mini-adding machine.   I believe that this is Hewlett Packard's only adding machine type of calculator.

* APF Electronics, Inc manufactured calculators in the 1970s, focusing on four-function and scientific calculators.

*  Bob Prosperi's "When Ordan was New" is about the upcoming Swiss Micros DM32, which is an improved reimplementation of the popular HP 32SII.  

*  The "Everything But The Kitchen Sink" is not about a sink, or a kitchen, but something for the HP 85 and HP 87 computers. 

*  I made a presentation of the advanced functions of the solve feature of the Plus42 app on Day Two.  The Plus42 is by Thomas Okken.  

*  Day One lasted from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and believe it or not, the day goes by fast!   On Day Two we started about 9:30 AM.   Per tradition, Day Two invites attendees to attend an optional Catholic Sunday mass. 

* Door prizes included over 60 calculators and lots of books.  I have a second HP 20S and won a few vintage calculator manuals.  

* Day Two started with an online talk with Klass Kuperus, HP Product Manager of Moravia Consulting.  In the last few years, Hewlett Packard transferred their calculator operation to Moravia Consulting, with the United States market in charge by Royal Consumer.  HP office supply's page:  Any further updates to the HP Prime's firmware will I get to you as soon I learn of it.  

* The "Actuarial Math" presentation gives a great introduction of calculating the cost of life insurance. 

Videos (as of 9/18/2022) are:

Day One - September 10, 2022

Calculator Patents and How to Find Them - Felix Gross

TI-88 Part 1: History of Go/No Go Decision - Gene Wright

TI-88 Hardware Tour - Richard Nelson

Autonomous Vehicle Status - Telsa's Full Self Driving in 2022 - David Ramsey

What's New on the HCC 2022 USB Drive - Eric Rechlin

If you want a USB Drive, please check on the's commerce page.  It will be available soon (I don't know the exact date), the drive is sold at cost.

What's New in the PPC Achieve - Jake Schwartz

As of this post, the current version is 2.41, April 1, 2022.  The next update is scheduled later in 2022.

When Ordan was New - Bob Prosperi

TI-88 Part 2:  Features, Comparisons, and Verdict - Gene Wright

Everything But The Kitchen Sink - David Ramsey

HP-10 Calculus with Focus on the HP-10 Printer - Jim Johnson

Calculator Humor - Gene Wright

APF Calculators - Gene Wright

Day Two:  September 11, 2022

Literature Achieve Update - Eric Rechlin

Plus42:  Advanced Equation Editor Functions - Edward Shore

Best New Simple PRNGS (pseudo-random number generators) for Calculators: a Pandora's Box - Namir Shammas

Actuarial Math - Adding Morality To The Time Value of Money - Gene Wright

Texas Instruments SR-60A Programmable Calculator - David Ramsey

Namir Shammas - The Best Empirical Multiple Regression Model.

Disclaimer:  I do not make money from the sales of the HHC USB drives or nor I was paid to advertise.  

Happy calculating,


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