Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scientific Calculator Keyboard Challenge

Design the keyboard of a scientific calculator and post links to your designs as responses to this blog entry. Rules:

You have only 25 keys to work with. That's it.

Whatever features, applications, special functions, number of modification keys you can fit is up to you. It can be simple, graphing, financial and/or complex. This blog entry is just a call to be creative and to have some fun. Here is one I did:

It is a relatively simple scientific calculator design that would be either a solar-powered calculator or an app. Features include linear regression, algebraic and RPN entry modes, and basic scientific functions.

If you partake in this, have fun and please provide links as responses.

Coming soon I will review two calculators I recently purchased: the Canon F-792SGA and the Casio fx-5800P N.

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