Monday, May 5, 2014

Complex Analysis Rap

Complex Analysis Rap

If you have a chance, check out this awesome complex analysis rap by Katherine Bellafiore Sanden:

You can download the song here:

Thank you Katherine for putting it on Soundcloud! The song is now proudly played on my iPod.

Thread where the rap, and other math sings are posted:

Thank you HP Forums (MoHPC)!

Just thought this is worth sharing - Eddie


  1. Eddie, please answer my query on this comment post (I forgot to check the "Notify me" box below, on my original comment). Would you prefer to use your TI 36X Pro or your Casio fx 5800p to solve complex number problems of simple-to-medium difficulty.

    /Silicon Valley Regards

    1. Lonewolf,

      If I could create and/or use a program to solve the problem, I would probably lean towards the fx-5800p. This way I can have the algorithm stored for future use.

      If it is a "one-time" calculation, either calculator will do.


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