Sunday, October 21, 2018

Casio fx-CG50: Version 3.20: Python Comes to Casio!

Casio fx-CG50:  Version 3.20:  Python Comes to Casio!

The Casio fx-CG 50 joins the HP Prime and the French calculator NumWorks to add Python to its list of programming modes.  The Python mode comes by a software update. 
This update is only for the newest Casio fx-CG 50.  I'm not sure if Python will be available for any other Casio models yet. 

The Python is Micro Python 1.9.4.  Below are screenshots of the Python mode in action.  I typed in the OCTA program from the User's Guide as an example.

Get Version 3.20 here:

Click under OS Update Information.

Also consider getting the updated User's Guide.  The Python programming module is discussed in Chapter 17.  The user's guide can be found here:


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