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HHC 2018: The Videos

HHC 2018: The Videos

HHC 2018 took place on September 28 and 29, 2018 in San Jose, CA.  Earlier I gave a short description of each of the talks of the conference.  Here are links to the videos, as provided by

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I am under a non-disclosure agreement, which means that I will not be able to discuss certain details of the conference due to confidentiality.

Saturday:  September 29, 2018. 

Thomas Chrapkiewicz - Silicon Valley History

Chrapkiewicz takes us on a history of Silicon Valley.

Namir Shammas - Polynomial Roots by Optimization

Shammas describes several methods to obtain the roots of the following polynomial equation:

p(x) = x^n + a_(n-1) * x^(n-1) + a_(n-2) * x^(n-2) +  ... + a_1 * x + a_0

where a_i are all real coefficients.

Sylvain Côté - HP-IL Compendium Presentation

Côté prepared an HP-IL Compendium, consisting of any information related to the Hewlett-Packard Interface Loop (better known as the HP-IL).

Monte Dalrymple - 41C Flexible Module

Dalrymple introduces a 41C Flexible Hardware Module (FHM), which is a circuit board to be placed in a regular HP 41C.

Gene Wright - Old Calculator Ads & Unisonic Calculators

Old Calculator Ads:

Unisonic Calculators:

Dave Cocrhan - HP Calculations from Desktop to Pocket

Cochran tells the story on how the HP 35 calculator came to be.

Felix Gross & David Hayden - Recreating the 15C Advanced Functions Handbook

Gross and Hayden went through the process on how the HP 15C Advanced Functions Handbook was recreated.

Jim Johnson - What was the first Personal Computer?

Jim Johnson takes us through a time line and determines what was the first personal computer.

Richard Nelson - Add SIG to FIX, SCI, & ENG?

Richard Nelson is a fan of significant digits, especially when it comes to working with analog meters and digital meters.

Sunday:  September 30, 2018

Thomas Chrapkiewicz - HP-48 RS-232 Plotter Demo

Chrapkiewicz demonstrates printing programs and text from an HP 48 to a HP 7550 plotter.

Richard Schwartz - Naive Testing of the 997x Random Number Generator

Using a WP-34S, Schwartz tests the reliability of random number generators.

Thomas Chrapkiewicz - HP-48 Audio/Acoustic Performance

Chrapkiewicz tests the audio performance of the HP 48, HP 48GII, and HP 49g+.

Namir Shammas - New Algorithm for Numerical Integration

Shammas explores an alternate algorithms for numerical integration, the HFVQI (Half-Function Value Quadratic Integration).

Benoit Maag - Re-purposing old TI Calculators

Benoit Maag talks about how he re purposed two classic Texas Instruments calculators, the TI-1200 and TI-1250.

See you next time - I am working on some programs for the HP 11C. 


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