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Comparison Between HP 17B and 17BII+

 Comparison Between HP 17B and 17BII+

This is a quick comparison between the original HP 17B and the current (since 2007) silver HP 17BII+ calculators. I hope the 17BII+ is still being produced and sold, it has been quite a while since an update to the 17BII+.  

The main features of the 17B family have remained constant since the original 17B came to the markets in early 1988:

*  Time Value of Money with Amortization

*  Business Calculations including Percent Change, Cost/Sell/Margin/Markup

*  Four Regression Models:  Linear, Logarithm, Power, Exponential

*  Bond Calculations

*  Depreciation including Straight Line, Sum of the Year's Digits, and Accelerated Cost Recovery

*  Days Between Dates, 10 Alarms, Clock

*  10 Memory Registers with Storage Arithmetic

*  Can use the HP 82240 Infrared Printer (82240A/82240B); even though they are well out of production by now

HP 17B


HP 17B Mode Menu

HP 17BII+ Mode Menu

Now for the differences:

HP 17B:  (1988)

*   Available Memory:  6,752 bytes

*   Batteries:  3 x LR 44

*   Case Colors:   Brown, Peach-Orange shift key and text

*   Shift functions are printed above the keys

HP 17BII+:  (2007 - present)

*   Available Memory:  about 31,000 bytes

*   Batteries:  2 x CR2032

*   Case Colors:  Silver, Electric Blue shift key and text

*   Shift functions are printed below the function

*   Double line print option  

*   Currency conversion mode

*   RPN mode (this was added to the HP 17BII in 1990)

I did a quick speed test on the equation:

Σ(I:1:525:1:I)  (Result:  138,075)

The original HP 17B won the speed test.

HP 17B Solver

HP 17BII+ Solver

That is about it.   I love the 17B series, which has a rich set of financial functions and a robust solver that includes ore functions that most calculators have.  (including integer part, fractional part, signum, solve if, Σ, date functions, and yes, the Let and Get functions!)


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  1. The regressions must come out of the SUM function menu. SUM / CALC / FRCST ???


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