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HHC 2021 Conference Videos and HP 82204B Infrared Printer

HHC 2021 Conference Videos and HP 82204B Infrared Printer

HHC 2021 Conference

The HHC 2021 Conference took place in Nashville, TN on October 2 and 3, 2021.  It is the first in-person U.S. HP Calculator calculator conference since the pandemic.   Videos of each of the talks are posted, special thanks to and Eric Rechlin.   

My gratitude always for all you do, Eric and HHC.   

View the HHC 2021 Playlist here:

Topics include:

*  Calculator Bibliography Update - Felix Gross

*  Calculator Challenge - Bob Prosperi

*  What's on the HHC USB Drive - Eric Rechlin.  You can order USB drive from the site:  Please allow a couple of weeks due to demand.

*  Computing Logarithms by Integration - Richard Schwartz

*  HP 9808A/B Unicorn - The Product that Almost Was - Chuck McCord

*  Starting a Fire - Richard Schwartz

*  What's New in the PPC Archive Version 2.39 - Jake Schwartz

*  Techniques for Digitally Preserving Technical Manuals and Other books - Eric Rechlin

*  Calculator Ad Price Analysis - Gene Wright

*  Lines and Graphs - Gene Wright

*  Diagnosing Problems with the HP-19C with Focus on the Printer - Jim Johnson

*  Remembering Thomas M. Whitney - Jim Johnson (R.I.P. Mr. Whitney  - condolences and comfort to the Whitney family) 

*  CC41 A Touch Typist's Calculator - Craig Bladow  (RPN emulator)  

*  Something About Keyboards - David Ramsey

*  Make Your Own Slide Rule - Richard Schwartz

*  What We Started - Richard Nelson

*  6502 Calculator Projects - Joey Shepard

*  History of Floating Point Processors - Eric Smith

*  Accuracy Comparisons, 7 Methods & 30 Programs - Richard Nelson

*  Another Perspective of the Scanning Projects - Content - Bob Prosperi

*  Award Winners

HP 82204B Printer

Another tick box checked.   I purchased an HP 82240B Infrared Printer, which allow printouts from a lot of legendary HP calculators including (not an-all inclusive list) the 42S, 17B family, 32S family, 27S, 48 family, and the Swiss Micros DM41X and DM42.

The printer works on 4 AA batteries, I still have to buy an appropriate AC adapter for it.   

The printer works beautifully.   Check out the HP 82240B and some printouts using the HP 17BII+. 


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