Friday, October 8, 2021

My Favorite Math YouTube Channels, Podcasts and Blogs

My Favorite Math YouTube Channels, Podcasts and Blogs

Time for some shout outs!  

YouTube Channels:   This channel has talks regarding calculators and has videos of the HHC conference of recent years, including HHC 2021 which took place on October 2 and 3, 2021.

blackredpen.  A channel dedicated to calculus and higher level mathematics topics. The author (his name is not listed as of today)  emphasizes fun and humor in the videos, as well as how to solve seemingly difficult integrals and mathematical problems.

Dr. Trefor Bazett.  Dr. Bazett is an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Victoria, Canada.  His channel covers statistics, game theory, logic, calculus of all levels, physics, and more.  Bazett has playlists covering courses in calculus and differential equations.

Calculator Culture.   This channel reviews modern and vintage calculators of all brands: Sharp, Hewlett Packard, Casio, Texas Instruments, Swiss Micros. This channel is relatively a young channel, about a year old.  I credit this channel for inspiring me to purchase a Casio fx-7500g.


Math & Physics Podcast.  A treat for both the ears.  The Math & Physics Podcast is hosted by Parker Levesque and Rayhan Walia (Ray), two students from the University of Toronto.  Recently they started to post live podcast episodes on their YouTube Channel.  I primarily listen to their podcast through Apple podcast, they are also on Spotify.


YouTube Channel:


Fractal Kitty.  Mathematics meets Creativity, Birds, and Coding.

1729.  A blog about calculus, integrals, derivatives, complex analysis, and differential equations.

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