Sunday, September 26, 2021

TI-Eighties Graphing Calculators: A Timeline

 TI-Eighties Graphing Calculators:  A Timeline

(dates are from Wikipedia) - United States

TI-81:  1990

TI-85: 1992

TI-82:  1993

TI-80:  1995 - (not pictured)

TI-83:  1996 - (not pictured)

TI-86:  1996

TI-89 (Original): 1998 - (not pictured)

TI-83 Plus: 1999

TI-83 Plus Silver Edition: 2001

TI-84 Plus: 2004

TI-89 Titanium:  2004

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition: 2004 (not pictured)

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition C:  2013 (not pictured)

TI-84 Plus CE:  2015

TI-84 Plus CE Python Edition:  2021


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