Thursday, January 27, 2022

Numworks Update 17.2 - Highlights

 Numworks Update 17.2 - Highlights

Update is available at:

The Numworks website will detect your calculator and will offer the update.

Here are some quick highlights:

Extended graphing capabilities in Grapher.  In addition to functions f(x), lines, inequalities, conic sections, parametric equations, and polar equations can be graphed.  Different type of graphs can be plotted on the same screen.

Detail next to a line in Grapher (three dots) will display the slope and y-intercept.  Not pictured:  additional details added to Conic graphs.

Major update to the Probabilities application, named Inference, includes tests and intervals.   Pictured here is a Chi-Square test of Independence.

The toolbox contains scientific constants.  The units are determined by the Country setting in the Settings.  International is the SI units.   

The [ x, n, t ] cycles between x, n, t, and Θ.

For all the details (translation may be required):



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