Saturday, July 9, 2022

Numworks: Version 19.2 Is Available

Numworks:  Version 19.2 Is Available

19.2 Is Here

The full upgrade to software 19.2 is for Numworks N0110 and N0120 models.  Only some of the features will be available for the oldest version N0100. 

How do I know which version I have?  

1.  Press the Yellow Home button.

2.  Go down to Settings and press [ EXE ]

3.  Go down to the last option in the menu, About, and press [ → ]. 

4.  You will see the Software Version.  The last five characters of the FCC ID will tell you what model of Numworks you have.

To update your calculator, just open a browser like Google Chrome, plug in your calculator, go to the website.  


Some of the features of 19.2 are (from the Numworks page):

*  The Statistics App now offers four plots: Histogram, Boxplot, Cumulative Frequencies, Normal Probability Plot

*  Median-Median and Exponential regressions are added.

*  Lists are now available everywhere, including the main Calculation app.   List elements are accessed by using the parenthesis (example:  list(1)).  Unlike Python, the first element is designated as element 1.

*  Plots in the Grapher app can be set to any one of seven colors of the user's choosing.

*  Significant tests now include a graphical result in the Inference App

*  The memory for the Python app is increased from 32,000 to 42,000 bytes

*  In the Application menu, each of the apps are assigned to a shortcut key as follows:

1:  Calculation

2:  Grapher

3:  Solver

4:  Statistics (one variable stats)

5:  Regression (two variable stats)

6:  Inference

7:  Sequences

8:  Python

9:  Settings

More information here:


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