Friday, May 7, 2021

HP Prime Firmware Update (Beta) - Python Becomes Available

 HP Prime Firmware Update (Beta) - Python Becomes Available 

Special thanks to go the HP Calculator Team for the new updates for the HP Prime. 

What's New?

This is not an all-inclusive list. (All screen shots are from the 5/5/2021 firmware).

*  Polynomial Roots Wizard.  Path:  [ Toolbox ], ( CAS ), 6.  Polynomial, 7.  Polynomial roots wizard.   We can calculate either the roots of a polynomial or build a polynomial from their roots.  For the 5/5/21 update, the graph on the polynomial appears for any polynomial with real coefficients.

*  Probability Wizard:  Calculate and draw probability distributions for the Normal (z), Student (t), ChiSquare ( χ^2), Fisher (F), and Geometric.  Path:  [ Toolbox ], ( Math ), 5. Probability, 4. Prob Wizard

Both wizards can be accessed no matter what App is running. :) 

*  Intelligent Math:   When checked in the Home options, certain calculations return exact results.   I will probably have this turned on at all times.

*  Save and Load States:  You can save the contents of the Home screen, settings, inputs, results, home variables, user variables, and lists. 

*  Python Programming App. (Micropython) There are two main screens.  [ Symb ] brings up the editor and [ Num ] brings up the terminator.  In the current firmware, we can have more than one script, but pressing [ Num ] will import all the scripts automatically.   I anticipate heavy use of the def-return structures.  In the future I am going to include python scripts to be used with the HP Prime.

Modules Available (5/5/2021 firmware) (not an all inclusive list):
* array
* math
* cmath
* ustruct
* utimeq
* urandom
* cas  (HP Prime exclusive, I think) 
* hpprime (HP Prime exclusive)
* linalg
* matplotl
(and more)

Firmware Available


Connectivity Kit (Beta)
Emulator (Beta)
Calculator Firmware for both G1 and G2 (hardware) (Beta):


Calculator Firmware only:

Copy this into File Explorer (Windows)

I'm not sure if the above method work for MacOS (at this time).  TI-Planet (see link below) also has a direct download.  


A thread on the 4/28/2021 update (MoHPC):

 Here is a thread on the 5/5/2021 update (MoHPC):

Discussion on TI-Planet (French, can be translated into English):

Any further updates will be posted as they come.  


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