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Retro Review and Comparison: TI-82 Advanced

 Retro Review and Comparison: TI-82 Advanced

I can officially say that I have a French calculator.  

Quick Facts:

Models:  TI-82 Advanced

Company:  Texas Instruments

Manufactured: 2015-2021

Type:  Graphing

Battery:  4 AAA

Country: France


All the TI-82 Advanced is a French calculator, where the keys and functions are in French.  Examples include:

French:  suppr,  English:  delete

French:  dessin,  English:  draw

French:  annul,  English: clear

French:  rappel,  English: recall

I like the how the keys respond and how comfortable the keys feel.  The screen is a monochrome screen but the contrast between the screen and its text.  

More Like the TI-84 Plus

The TI-82 Advanced is pretty much the equivalent of the TI-84 Plus.  I put together a comparison table between three calculators:

*  The basic TI-82 (United States)

*  TI-82 Advanced

*  TI-84 Plus  (monochrome screen)

The table lists the commands available in several menus including Lists, Distributions, Program Editing, and Variables.  You can download the comparison here.  

Python to Come

In the Fall of 2021, Texas Instruments will release the next version of the TI-82 Advanced: the TI-82 Advanced Edition Python.  The new TI-82 Advanced will retain the classic TI-82 casing, including being powered by AAA batteries, but will have a color screen and have a Python programming mode. 

You can read the about the TI-82 Advanced Edition Python here:  (French) (French)


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