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Retro Review: Casio fx-7500g

 Retro Review:  Casio fx-7500g

Quick Facts:

Model:  fx-7500g
Company:  Casio
Year Introduced:  1988, 1989
Batteries:  3 LR-44
Memory Registers: 26, but can be expanded
Program Steps:  4214 maximum, 10 program slots
Price:  About $109.95 at introduction, various with collections

Folding Calculator Power

The Casio fx-7500g is an early graphing calculator that is modeled after the Casio fx-7000G, which features include:

*  Basic scientific functions, including fractional and integer parts, factorial, absolute value
*  Base Conversions and Boolean logic (not, and, or, xor)
*  Single-valued statistics with a separate mode for bar graph, line graph, and normal distribution curve based on values (SD2)
*  Linear Regression (a + bx) with a separate mode for plotting points and plotting the regression line (LR2)
*  Random Numbers
*  Programming, with allocation for 10 programs.  The maximum amount of programming steps is 4,214 which can be allocated to additional memory registers.

The programming language of the  fx-7500g is the same as the fx-7000g and fx-6300g, but a lot more programming space.   The additional steps allowed programs to have comments and descriptive prompts without worry about running out of space.  Why didn't Casio put more programming steps  in either the fx-7000g or fx-6300g?

In 2012, I discussed the programming language and its commands here.

I am amazed how small the fx-7500g is, yet the screen is readable while graphs take the entire screen.  The flat keys are very responsive and after a while the keys became comfortable to touch.   I can see why the fx-7500g is a collectable. 

I think Casio may be the only company with foldable graphing calculators: fx-7500g, it's financial cousin FC-1000 (which fetch high prices on auction sites), and the fx-9860g Slim.  

Casio fx-7500g (left), Casio fx-9860g Slim (right)

This is a rare calculator to find, and if you can get it for a good price (I paid $45), it is worth collecting.  By the way, handle with care as the case is fragile and the screen doesn't take drops too well.  Thankfully it still works!

Special Announcement

Programs for the Casio fx-7000G (fx-7500G, fx-6300G, and all of the other variants) every Saturday in June 2021.  Please join me in this trip back to the 1980s.  

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