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TI-84 Plus CE and Casio fx-CG50: Confusion Matrix, Practice SAT Questions with Mometrix

TI-84 Plus CE and Casio fx-CG50:  Confusion Matrix, Practice SAT Questions with Mometrix 

Confusion Matrix


In statistical applications, particularly in medicine, we hear about the infection rates of a disease and tests that are created to designate whether people are infected with the disease.  No test, at least not any that I heard of, is 100% accurate in detecting whether a person is infected with a certain virus.  

Tables can be used to summarize the accuracy of a test, measuring one of four outcomes:

true positive (TP):  the person is infected with a virus and the test detects the virus

false negative (FN):  the person is infected with a virus but the test fails to detect it

false positive (FP):  the test states the person is infected when in reality the person does not have the virus

true negative (TN):  the person is not infected and the test accurate detects the person is healthy (does not have the virus)

One of the common names for this type of table is a confusion matrix. 

Two of the many measurements that can be made from a confusion matrix are called sensitivity and specificity.

Sensitivity is the ratio of true positive results against all of the population that is infected.  

Sensitivity = true positive / (true positive + false negative)

Specificity is the ratio of true negative results against all fo the population that is not infected.  

Specificity = true negative / (false negative + true positive)

The program CONFUSE creates two 3 x 3 matrices (see the illustration below):

Matrix A:  Theoretical confusion table.  This takes into consideration the infection rate and test rate and calculates the expected values.

Matrix B:  Simulated confusion table.  The test uses a random number generator to simulate the chance of whether a person is infected by using the infection rate and whether a person's test is correct by using the test rate.  The results will vary.  

TI-84 Plus CE Program: CONFUSE

"EWS 2021-03-10"


DelVar [A]

DelVar [B]






Input "TEST RATE? ",T





























Disp "THEORY [A]"

Pause [A]



Pause [B]

Disp "SENSITIVITY",[B](1,1)/[B](3,1)

Disp "SPECIFICITY",[B](2,2)/[B](3,2)

Casio fx-CG50 Program:  CONFUSE

"EWS 2021-03-13"


{3,3}->Dim Mat A

{3,3}->Dim Mat B





N*C->Mat A[3,1]

N*(1-C)->Mat A[3,2]

Mat A[3,1]+Mat A[3,2]->Mat A[3,3]

Mat A[3,1]*T->Mat A[1,1]

Mat A[3,1]*(1-T)->Mat A[2,1]

Mat A[3,2]*(1-T)->Mat A[1,2]

Mat A[3,2]*T->Mat A[2,2]

Mat A[1,1]+Mat A[1,2]->Mat A[1,3]

Mat A[2,1]+Mat A[2,2]->Mat A[2,3]

For 1->I To N


Mat B[3,1]+(R<=C)->Mat B[3,1]

Mat B[3,2]+(R>C)->Mat B[3,2]


Mat B[3,1]+Mat B[3,2]->Mat B[3,3]

For 1->I To Mat B[3,1]


Mat B[1,1]+(R<=T)->Mat B[1,1]

Mat B[2,1]+(R>T)->Mat B[2,1]


For 1->I To Mat B[3,2]


Mat B[1,2]+(R>T)->Mat B[1,2]

Mat B[2,2]+(R<=T)->Mat B[2,2]


Mat B[1,1]+Mat B[1,2]->Mat B[1,3]

Mat B[2,1]+Mat B[2,2]->Mat B[2,3]


"_Mat _A: THEORY" ⊿

Mat A ⊿


Mat B ⊿


Mat B[1,1]/Mat B[3,1] ⊿


Mat B[2,2]/Mat B[3,2]


Population:  N = 200

Infection Rate:  5%  (enter 0.05)

Successful Test Rate: 80%  (enter 0.80)

Theoretical Matrix (Matrix A):

[[ 8 38 46

2 152 154

10 190 200  ]]

Some simulated results (Matrix B, your results will vary):

Simulation 1:

[[ 7 40 47

1 152 153

8 192 200 ]]

Sensitivity ≈ 0.8750

Specificity ≈ 0.7917

Simulation 2:

[[ 5 34 39

1 160 161

6 194 200 ]]

Sensitivity ≈ 0.8333

Specificity ≈ 0.8247


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SAT Practice Problems with Mometrix

In 2018, I mentioned that I was going to practice some SAT questions (  If you are taking the SAT or want to practice, a place to go is Mometrix Test Preparation.  Mometrix has online practice tests for reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as official Sample tests.  

Check them out here:

Their math page which includes a free online practice test:

Many thanks to George Bigelow for the information and site.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid advertisement.  


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