Sunday, May 23, 2021

Numworks: Update to Software Version 15.5

Numworks: Update to Software Version 15.5 

On May 10, 2021 updated their software of the Numworks graphing calculator to Version 15.5.0.   

New Features

Some of the new features include:

Calculation Mode: 

*  The Calculation mode gets a new section:  Vectors.  The available functions are dot, cross, and norm.  

*  The ref and rref functions are added to the Matrices section.

*  When the results is a matrix, we can go up into the history, select the three dots next the matrix.  This gives us the additional results:  determinant*, inverse*, row echelon form, reduce row echelon form, and trace* (*for square matrices only)

* Like functions, sequences can be evaluated from outside the respective graphing (Sequence) mode.  

Functions Mode:

*  The graph can be auto-scaled.  


*  The gcd and lcm commands can accept more than two arguments.  

*  Even though they can't be used in algebraic expressions, the °C and °F units are added to the units menu.  

*  Many imperial (United States) units are added such as ft, acre, lb, and gal.  

You can find all the details here:

I have to remember than Numworks does a lot more than Python.  

How to Upgrade Your Numworks Calculator

1.  Go to the Numworks website.  It is recommended that you use Google Chrome.

2.  Plug in your calculator by USB port.   The website should detect your calculator automatically.

3.  Under your name, click on My Devices and click on the (Update my device) button.  The update process takes approximately less than one minute.

4.  Once the update is done, you can unplug your calculator.

Version 15.5.0 (3e071a5)

How to Check Your Numwork's Software Version

There are two ways that I know of:

1.  Plug your calculator by USB and go to the Numworks website.  Under your name, select My Devices.

- or -

2.  On the calculator, press the Home key, scroll down to Settings.  Press [ EXE ].  Scroll down and select About.

That's it!  Enjoy,


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