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Firmware Update: Swiss Micros DM42 - DMCP 3.21/DM42-3.19, Free42, and Offscreen Images

Firmware Update:   Swiss Micros DM42 - DMCP 3.21/DM42-3.19, Free42, and Offscreen Images

Firmware Update

Swiss Micros released a firmware update to the Swiss Micros DM42 calculator.  The current versions are:

* DMCP 3.21

* DM42-3.19

Download the file here:

This firmware brings the DM42 in alignment with Firmware 3.0.3 of Free42 by Thomas Okken.  Click here for details:

Furthermore, you download the latest version of Free42 here:


1.  Plug in the DM42 into the PC.

2.  Activate USB Disk.  Press [ shift ] [ 0 ] (SETUP), 1. File, 3.  Activate USB Disk.

3.  Transfer the file (see Tip below) to the root directory of the calculator (hardware).

4.  Exit USB Disk on your calculator.  The firmware should update itself automatically.

Detailed instructions and other ways to update firmware can be found here, refer to sections 6.2 for the quick update or 6.3 for an alternative method:

Tip:  When transferring the bin file to the calculator, you want to transfer the combination bin file DCMP_flash_3.21_DM42-3.19.bin.   You need both the DCMP and DM42 files for the calculator to run.   

New Comparison Functions

X=?, X>?, X<?, X≤?, X≥?, X≠?

These tests compare the contents of the X Register to any other stack (T,Z,Y,L) or variable.   


R01 = 33

X:  25

X>? 01 returns No (next program step will be skipped)

X<? 02 returns Yes (next program step will be executed)

0=?, 0>?, 0<?, 0≤?, 0≥?, 0≠?

These tests are similar to the above except this comparison of any target stack or variable to zero.   

Both can be found in the CATALOG-PRGM menu.  In CATALOG, scroll to the PRGM submenu.

Writing Program Lines with X2LINE and A2LINE

Found in the CATALOG-MISC menu, X2LINE and A2LINE creates a program line from the X-stack and Alpha register, respectively.  This allows the user to create program lines outside of the program editor.  I don't know how this can be effective when it comes to executing functions, but they are here.

Enhanced VARMENU Command

The VARMNU1 allows the user to select variables without having to assign values to other variables first.  Found in the CATALOG-PRGM menu.

Longer String Creation with XSTR

I think this going to be my new favorite command besides the new comparison functions.  The XSTR allows for creation of strings of any length, beating the six-character limit of ASTO.  Found in the CATALOG-PRGM menu.



XSTR "FREE 42/DM 42"


XSTR " 2021"


Alpha Register:  "FREE 42/DM42 2021"

Off Images for the DM42 and DM41X

Off images must be the size of 400 x 240 pixels and be 1-color (monochrome) .bmp files.  

Carbon Canyon Park, Brea, CA - April 2021


Polar Butterfly - Plotted on an HP Prime - 2020

Mojave Narrows Park, Victorville, CA - May 2021

Laguna Beach, CA - March 2021


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